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Director: Dr. Georgia Andreou, Professor of Linguistics

The Laboratory of Bilingual Education of the Department of Special Education of the University of Thessaly was founded on the basis of the Official Government Gazette 797/24.03.2016, Vol. B’ Its main objective is to serve the teaching and research needs of the discipline of Bilingual Education.

The mission of the Lab of Bilingual Education is:

  1. Theoretical and practical education of undergraduate and postgraduate students of the 1st and 2nd course of studies in the scientific fields of Bilingual Education, Multilingualism and teaching of Greek as L2/FL.
  2. Evaluation and planning of intervention programs for bilingual/multilingual speakers and in general the design and implementation of programs that fall within the research interests of the members of the Lab.
  3. Production of educational material for teaching Greek as L2/FL both in the general population and in people with difficulties in learning a foreign/second language.
  4. Promotion of interdisciplinary teaching and research of Language to monolingual and bilingual/multilingual students in General, Special and Technical/Vocational Education.
  5. Organization of scientific lectures, seminars, conferences, congresses and other scientific events by the invitation of Greek and foreign scientists of recognized prestige and the conduct of publications of studies and books in Greece and abroad.
  6. Training teachers of General, Special and Technical/Vocational Education and informing the public about issues related to the research activities and objectives of the Lab.
  7. Participation in programs of population groups with particular social characteristics.
  8. Development of online and physical communities and forums involving students, teachers, and all stakeholders of the objectives of the Lab.
  9. The provision of services to individuals and to any organization of legal form as provided by the presidential decree 159 (Official Government Gazette A’ 53/27.04.1984).

Co-operation Agreements

Cooperation Agreement of the Laboratory of Bilingual Education with the Laboratory of Linguistics of the Department of Language and Intercultural Studies of the University of Thessaly

Cooperation Agreement of the Laboratory of Bilingual Education with the Laboratory of Southeastern Mediterranean Linguistics of the Aegean University


Argonafton @Filellinon Street, Volos GR-38221 Greece
Office: 9 (2nd floor, New building), VOLOS

Phone: 0030 24210 74837, 74767 (TU-WE, 10 am-1pm), e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Events of the Laboratory of Bilingual Education

Online presentation: Some Clinical and Educational Implications for Bilingual Greek/English Protolanguage and Interlanguage

Workshop: Foreign languages learning by children with Dyslexia: Teaching Applications

Workshop: Second / Foreign Language Teaching and Reading Difficulties: Textbook Adaptations

Workshop: Bilingualism / Multilingualism and teaching of Greek as a Second / Foreign Language

One-day seminar: Language-Cognitive Skills and Developmental Disorders

Congress: 8th Conference on Language Disorders in Greek (LDG8)

Οne day seminar: Teaching the Language subject

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