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Director: Vassilis Argyropoulos

Services and activities of the present lab are described in brief below:

  • To train under- and post-graduate students in the field of universal access with emphasis on the process of learning in formal and non-formal education including principles of differentiated instruction for individuals with sensory disabilities (i. e. blindness, deafness, deafblindness).
  • To design, develop and evaluate differentiated educational programmes, such as museum-educational, educational or environmental programmes.
  • To develop and submit European and national proposals relevant to the research objectives of the lab
  • To design and develop differentiated educational material relevant to formal and non-formal educational settings (e. g. national curriculum, museums, etc.)
  • To develop collaborative networks with the personnel of the University of Thessaly as well as with other members of other faculties of national and international institutions incorporating elements of multi-culture and multi-disciplinary domains
  • To organize seminars, conferences and workshops inviting speakers from all over the world
  • To publish papers in journals and participate in national and international events disseminating results of the relevant research and projects.
  • To create communication platforms (fb, fora) in order to exchange ideas and experience relevant to the education of people with sensory disabilities
  • To offer services to the public according to the Presidential Decree 159
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